CBSE schools move up with the accreditation process
Many of the schools affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) have begun the accreditation process under the School Quality Assessment and Accreditation Scheme (SQAAS). The Board has m... read more

Recent Updates from CBSE
CBSE 12th Maths Paper was extremely tough: Teachers may write to the board regarding thisA class 12 student who appeared for the CBSE class 12th Maths paper told that their school teachers and teacher... read more

Drop Classroom Management: Go for Classroom Interactions
For all this time, classroom management, often referred to as classroom discipline, has remained a top priority for teachers in schools. Educators have continually rated discipline as one of the most ... read more

Entering the Flipped classroom model: What’s there in it?
A growing number of educators are flipping their classrooms concerning it to be revolutionary move. They are encouraging their students to do homework at school and school work at home. The concept is... read more

Incredible Gadgets That Fosters Development of New Skills in Kids
The activities that your children engage in their earlier stages of life have a critical impact on their overall development. They have an ability to absorb almost any information you throw at them at... read more

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