Vocational education: pros and cons
What is vocational education?Any training, through an established system, that tends to develop a specific skill set in any individual on which the individual can depends his or her life on is identif... read more

Education should aim for building Character
It has been observed from a very long time that education can help in nurturing the peaceful co-existence by aiming for building character of the students so that there is acceptance of diversity. &nb... read more

New Technology for school transportation
For many students, a morning spent waiting out at the bus stop in the elements – the wind, rain, cold and heat – is part of the school day routine. Now, a new software hopes to change the waiting game... read more

New ranking system for educational institute
From the start of next financial year, students will get an India-specific ranking of educational institute. The first results of the India-specific rankings of all educational institutes across publi... read more

Only NCERT books for CBSE schools
Reducing the curricular burden by minimizing the number of books, the Central Board of Secondary Education has asked schools across India to adhere to the norms of 'Learning without burden'. CBSE scho... read more

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