Education and Technology
Now, we've entered an era in which technology is no longer an intimidating novelty. Its use in business and industry is both accepted and expected. And pressure abounds -- from school boards, parents ... read more

Not just smart class but smart school
Times are changing and there is a lot being done in the field of education. Everyday technology is taking a leap in terms of improving the way in which education is being imparted. Teachers are defini... read more

Problem-Based Learning: Benefits and Risks
Problem-based learning is an instructional approach which uses carefully constructed, open-ended problems for making a group of student to work through content to a solution. Nowadays it has gain... read more

Karadi tales in school v/s typical English rhymes
The Government of India lists a few guidelines on desired outcomes for children learning English as a second language in Classes I and II. These include that children should be able to talk about... read more

CBSE International curriculum vs regular CBSE curriculum
CBSE - iCBSE started an international curriculum in 2010 which is referred by CBSE-i. The board took this step to cater to Indian students, who are staying overseas. CBSE-i started in different phases... read more

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